Move In and Move Out Cleaning Services


Breathe Easy in Your New Place with Zen Cleaning's Move-In/Move-Out Services

Moving is a whirlwind! Between juggling keys, movers, boxes, furniture, and a million other details, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Just like having reliable movers, having a professional cleaning service can take a huge weight off your shoulders.

Zen Cleaning is here to help, whether you’re moving out or moving in!

Move-Out Cleaning: Leaving a Fresh Start

We understand you want to leave your old place sparkling clean. Maybe there are dust bunnies under the furniture, or a few lingering spills in the cupboards. No worries! Our respectful and thorough cleaning technicians will ensure the place is spotless, free of dust, food residue, and any traces of your move-out.

Zen Cleaning provides all the supplies you need for your move-out clean, including vacuums, mops, and dusters. We also offer eco-friendly cleaning products upon request.

Moving In: A Fresh Beginning

Stepping into a new place should be exciting! The last thing you want to worry about is cleaning up after the previous tenants. Zen Cleaning’s move-in service ensures your new home is spotless and ready for you to make it your own.

We’ll make sure your kitchen shines, from sparkling appliances (inside and out) to gleaming windows. Bathrooms will be hygienically clean, with sanitized fixtures and gleaming surfaces. Living areas will be dust-free and inviting, with vacuumed carpets and meticulously cleaned furniture.

What's Included in Our Move-In Cleaning Service?

Zen Cleaning: Your Partner in a Smooth Move

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Zen Cleaning can help you move in or out with a clean slate. Contact us today and experience the Zen Cleaning difference!

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